Not just a mobile bar;


cocktail experience


Troubardour embodies in its the DNA the energy and personality of a musical troubadour — he who lives on the road making people happy and exposing them to the joys of life and love.


Troubardour is the conductor of the spirit of the party. Each festivity has a unique purpose and I will work closely with you to create an experience that will raise the soul of the party. To achieve this we will customize everything from the type of music played, to the cocktails poured, to what we show on the screen and how we interact with your guests. Everything we do will be done with care, purpose and perfect timing.


The bar packs a professional DJ setup with a powerful crystal clear outdoor surround system that is guaranteed to shake hips, even those of people that normally shake their hips.  Each event will have its very own curated music playlist designed to take your party to a higher elevation. We'll work with you to customize each event and include all of your favorite songs as well as the classic party hits that will make your party become THE party. 


Art & Light Show

Troubardour employs art to elevate the party. When the cocktails are being poured and the music is pumping, I project unique and eye-catching motion and visual art that is projected on the big art screen above the bar. These visuals evolve and change as the party picks up speed and are enunciated with the LED light show that comes from all co rents of the bar, the club, and the amphitheater. The entire party will feel life and the beat of the music!


Interactive Photo Booth

Troubardour has a professional interactive iPad photo booth to provide guests with a fun way to catch the memories of your event. They can choose to have their photos sent to their phones or shared online, displayed on the Troubardour main screen at the conclusion of the event and even printed and distributed right there at the party!

Troubardour serves hand-made cocktail libations. Some of them might be drinks that have been around for 200 years and others I will have invented last week. Each and every glass that leaves my hands is made with top liquor, natural organic fresh ingredients and several ounces of love and passion.