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What exactly is the Troubardour?

Troubardour is an ultra-deluxe outdoor mobile cocktail bar that is housed inside a beautiful teardrop trailer which transforms into a nightclub and turns a party into THE party.

What makes up the Troubardour?

Troubardour is a top of the line self-sufficient outdoor mobile cocktail bar.
Troubardour is a handmade aluminum teardrop trailer unlike no other in the world.
Troubardour contains a powerful professional outdoor musical sound system for outdoor surround sound, complete with a DJ station and connections for live musicians if necessary.
Troubardour has a mini-stage for musical performances and announcements.
Troubardour is a musical light show experience.
Troubardour is an outdoor micro-nightclub.
Troubardour is an event photo booth station.
Troubardour is an experience.
Troubardour is a piece of art.

What kind of events will you do?

Private parties, corporate events, weddings, and any other kind of private celebration.

What are your technical requirements?

For an ideal setup Troubardour requires access to potable water (as simple as a garden house) and power within 100 feet of the location where it will rest. 

Alternatively, Troubardour is a nomad and can operate off-the-grid. In such a case, Troubardour needs to be within 50 feet of the Troubardour truck in order to have access to our own generator and extra water.

I want Troubardour but can I have Troubardour?

I like making cocktails, not charging for them. We do have a liquor license and as such Troubardour can only operate in private parties and venues where we can deploy as a caterer and provide guests with a complimentary open bar.

Troubardour also prefers working with clients that have a dedicated professional event planner so that you can leave logistical problems with others and enjoy your event.


Troubardour is fully insured for liquor liability. 


Troubardour has an integrated tipping jar. Tipping is neither encouraged nor discouraged, it is simply earned or not. 


Troubardour requires approximately 4 hours to fully setup and break down. We must be able to access the point of deployment with the truck.

Multiple Days

Yes, I will do events that last multiple days.

What are your payment terms?

Troubardour requests a 50% non-refundable deposit, and a 5. A 10% discount is offered to patrons that pay 100% of the fee upfront.