Troubardour is a hand-made piece of art that was forged from wood and metal by inspired craft artisans. The design inspiration of the Troubardour was the classic guitar, an instrument that produces beautiful music but which also begs to be touched. 
Troubardour was created to inspire and awaken.Your eyes and hands will feel pleasure and curiosity when you come into contact with the bar. Small details from the repurposed vintage piano keys that make up the garnish box, to the copper bartops and the carved wood will bring love and true beauty to the center of your party.

the troubardour trailer


Troubardour turns heads and travels in style. Its unique hand-made stainless steel shell is spectacular and upon arrival transforms into a nightclub and an amphitheater. More than meets the eye.

Troubardour World Premier-93.jpg

the troubardour bar

Troubardour World Premier-43.jpg
Troubardour World Premier-48.jpg

The design inspiration for the bar is music. Parts of the bar are actually made from my grandmother's old piano.  

Troubardour World Premier-51.jpg

The entire bar is a woodworking piece of art that was designed to not just be looked at, but also touched and experienced.