Let's party.


The Troubardour cannot be everywhere. I'm on the lookout for avid mixologists with an incessant passion for elevating a party. To join my team you must be a very special person and I think I'll know you are you when I find you. 


  • Love. Yes I mean that. Love is the secret ingredient in all cocktails and if you like, but don't love, mixology then you cannot be a Troubardour. 
  • You must posess the gift of hospitality. 

Executive Apprentice

You are or want to become the ultimate executive apprentice. This means you are someone that can manage operations, read my mind, translate my thoughts, help me maintain all aspects of the business under control and in order. You are someone who is ready to learn the business of cocktail catering inside and out and to represent me in front of my clients when the need arises.



  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
  • Relevant previous experience 
  • Occasional traveling and off-hand work hours will be necessary


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