Troubardour's Bucket List

My dreams take up a lot of my time. If you see me walking on the street, driving or walking it is highly likely that I am day-dreaming of different scenarios in my life. I love to explore the feelings I would feel if I was to ever fulfill my bucket lists.

So here they are, I don't know if they ever will come true, but if I don't share publicly what they are, how will they ever come true? I don't need them to come true to be happy in my life, but maybe someone who knows someone who knows someone reads this page and makes them a reality. I won't know if I don't try, so here it is.

1. Perform a Troubardour experience at the Playboy Mansion in Los Angeles. 

Playboy definitely played a big part of my life, and I am not referring to the articles. When I sneaked a peak at the magazine as a kid I vividly remember how my mind and imagination struggled to comprehend just how beautiful women really were. I think Hugh Hefner was a brave man for creating his own universe and fighting to normalize and humanize sex.

I know the Playboy mansion has seen great parties, but I would love the opportunity to top them all and to make the most amazing cocktail experience the mansion has ever seen. 

2. Go on a Super Luxury Yacht to the Caribbean or the Mediterranean. 

Superyacht RoMa in the Caribbean.jpg

When I'm in the ocean I feel at home, and nothing makes me feel better than the feeling of being on a boat. The rocking of the boats, the ocean air, the luxury, the food! It excites me to my core. Yachts and the yachting lifestyle fascinate me even though I've never owned one and perhaps never will. I love yachting magazines and follow a few awesome accounts on instagram and every day I daydream about being in one.  I'm fascinated by the sheer excess and comfort of these personal cruise ships, and I think I would really enjoy hanging out and conversing with the people that are enjoying their ride. I would get so much pleasure from being invited as a guest to shake some cocktails day and night as travel through the Caribbean or the Mediterranean or both.

3. Dinner with Depeche Mode.

The music of Depeche has been the soundtrack of my life. Behind The Wheel, Never Let Me Down Again, Enjoy the Silence, Policy of Truth, World in My Eyes are all etched into my soul.  I was so inspired by their music that I took up keyboards when I was a kid and played for hours every day for over a decade. I've been to their concerts almost 10 times. Twice in my life I've bumped into Dave Gahan. Once at Whole Foods where he lined up behind me at the cash register, and another time at a small sandwich shop when I lived in NYC.  I didn't say anything. I was paralyzed. Should I say hi and shake his hand? Sacrifice a goat right then and there and bow down in respect? Famous people are just people and I've strangely always felt that we'd have a great time if we got to hang out like normal folk and share our stories. There are no rules in the world of dreaming so there it is. It doesn't need to happen, but if it does, man would I be happy!

4. Find a hotel in Los Angeles to shoot my art book.

Screen Shot 2017-09-24 at 12.01.06 AM.png

For many years I've had a huge desire to execute a personal art project that I have developed and is very close to my heart. Without spoiling the surprise, all I can say is that I have everything I need, including the help of my very good friend and talented photographer  Marisa Leigh who is going to be my partner in this project. All I am missing is one thing, a sponsor hotel near the Los Angeles area that can participate by lending me a beautiful room for the shoot. Doing this book is most definitely on my bucket list.

5. Build the most beautiful mobile bar in the world.