The Making of the Troubardour Logo by Jon Contino

Jon Contino is one of the best artist/designer/illustrators out there and he's the man I asked to design the Troubadour logo earlier this year. A brief look at Jon's portfolio makes it evident that I could not have chosen a better person for the job. Some of the biggest brands in the world hire Jon because his style is quite simply unique to him. It's raw, hand-made, and a bit dark which I love. As soon as the name Troubardour came to me I knew that his style was going to be absolutely perfect for it. He's an awesome human being and the Troubardour thanks him for his job.


When  I briefed Jon I told him that whatever he created was going to change my life forever. I wasn't going to ask for changes, modifications or re-dos. The logo the universe wants me to have will simply be the one and only one he gave me and the rest would be history. I was not wrong.

For this project the logo is everything, and that's because it's not really a logo. Troubadour is not a company, it's my dream and my soul. Yes and it's a business that makes money, but that is not the reason why it exists. I chose the name of Troubardour because I am genuinely continuing the work of the troubadours from the middle ages which was to bring joy, happiness and life to different courts. My logo is then my flag, my coat of arms and the true spirit of the Troubardour. The brand is not a company trying to pretend it is something cool, Troubardour is just Troubardour. 

I told Jon I love the beauty of women and that I wanted that in the spirit in the logo. This is where the Troubardour "muse", as I call her, comes from. I love her! She is passionate and sensual, and her mandolin guitar links the music of the troubadours to the incredible musical experience the bar will create. In the sky of the logo there is an Easter Egg, which is the moon. I asked Jon to add it because my daughter Amalia and I love talking about and looking at the "luna", (moon). I wanted the logo to have something for her. What I love most about her is that her skin color is not actually real, a maroon of some kind and her hair is blue, which to me symbolizes and represents the beauty all women of all colors. She could be anyone. Her eyes stare deep into you and to me that represents the passion of the bar. She's got great legs too by the way! 


The second version of the logo, the one without copy forms a Ying-Yang, a balance which is at the center of all happiness. I think it's absolutely stunning.

The bar is not finished, but his logo is now permanently etched on my arm as a tattoo as personal proof that if you believe in something important in your life, then you must be the first one to fully believe you can do it. Thank you Jon!  Your work will live as soon as long as I live and then a bit more.  I'll make sure the nameless muse with blue hair, my companion and symbol of passion, and lust for life enjoys an incredible trip aboard this super spaceship bar. 


Check out Jon Contino's online shop if you want to buy some cool stuff.