Photo by  Abner Soto

Photo by Abner Soto


I am Ignacio.  My name comes from the Latin Word "Ignit" which means fire, and I am the Troubardour, the driver and Master of Experiences of this magic chariot which was hand crafted with love and forged from the finest metal and wood. 

It is true that I cannot change the world, but I decided I don't need to ask for permission to make my own, hence the Troubardour, a magical machine that outputs sheer happiness, and was designed to create beautiful intense and unique memories for all those that experience it.

The purpose of life is to live it, to taste experience to the utmost, to reach out eagerly and without fear for newer and richer experience.
— Eleanor Roosevelt


When I was a teenager I devoured books on philosophy I found on my dad's bookshelf; Nietzsche, Plato, Socrates. I don't think I grasped all their content at the time, but it managed to satisfy my thirst for answers. The question of why we are here has always been something that I've needed to answer on my own because the pre-chewed answers given to me by society never made sense to me. Even then, I knew there was more and I was destined to find it.

This personal quest has taken me around the world, meeting incredible people and seeing the beauty of nature all around me. I have loved and been loved, experienced both death and life, succeeded and failed in business, experienced rich joy and deep sadness, and rocketed through several massive personal metamorphoses. I have never stopped walking forward.

The answer to life I was looking was simply to be me, to enjoy life to the best of my abilities, and to use my gifts so that others around me feel the same joy that I feel about being alive.

Celebrating special moments together is something unique to humankind. Weddings, parties, and festivities are a way to stop time, shelter from the bullshit of life, forget the past and the future, and feel as much joy as we can. It is in these magic moments that we look our best, smile, joke, dance, flirt, tell stories, and open up our hearts to connect with other human beings. This is true in all our history of human kind all around the world and Troubardour was created to create a new level of magic in these celebrations.

Contentment is just not my thing, but bliss is. Life is now, this is it,  and I am here to live intensely each and every second I have left of my life. All these are words that I am not thinking up or writing, this is my very soul speaking without a filter.  

I look forward to meeting the many friends that will be a part of this next journey of my life. I write these words from the forest on this day of July 8, 2017. Even though the bar hasn't been finished yet, I have already tattooed it on my arm. The adventures of the Troubardour begin today. Please don't think I am not scared, because I am, but the simple truth is that the new me has waited patiently for old me to realize that it is impossible to resist being your true self.

My favorite philosopher Alan Watts one said that the secret of life is to figure out a way to get paid for playing. Troubardour is my answer to that question. Being a great host and making incredible cocktails makes me feel alive. Being in the middle of a celebration is where my soul belongs.

The Troubardour is my ultimate life adventure, and I welcome you into it. Life is not forever and the party on our way to the final party begins now.

Ignacio Oreamuno
The Troubardour